When: May 2, 2023
Time: 8am – 4:30pm
Where: Community Education Center

The focus of this course is to strengthen the blueprint and schematic reading skills of shop personnel, operators, engineers, and managers. The course is designed to help those who are using blueprints and/or schematics to make decisions and to help solve problems as well as prepare participants to be able to effectively read and interpret technical drawings. Participants will apply the principles to hands-on exercises to reinforce the learning. This is a foundational course that will prepare participants for advanced learning in Geometric Dimensioning &
Tolerancing (GD&T) as well as Statistical Process Control (SPC) topics. All participants are required to bring in sample blueprints and drawings as well as parts and gauges. Additionally, the instructor will supply blueprints and drawings for classroom discussion.

You will learn…

How to read and interpret the standard type mechanical engineering drawing
How to interpret technical data on the drawings such as part numbers, drawing scale, revisions, notes and dimensions
How to analyze and demonstrate the purpose of lines and their distinct definition
How to interpret and demonstrate the purpose of symbols, abbreviations and dimensional values found on engineering drawings
How to read the various types of measuring instruments such as architectural, mechanical scale, and a steel rule
How to interpret bill of materials and/or parts lists
The different types of views, examples include front, top, side, and section cuts
Prepare participants for advanced discussions in GD&T.
Instructor: Greg Anderson.

Email rkeller@nwirc.org for additional information or questions.

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