WELCOME to the CEC DISCOVER Partnership Program!

​Through our programs and classroom presentations, students are introduced to the changing dynamics of the current workforce focusing on technical skills as the new currency.

Students are taught how to assess their skills and interests; explore career choices; research post-secondary education and training; and make informed decisions when choosing their career path and creating a career plan. ​

Our Mission

​The DISCOVER Partnership, spearheaded by the CEC, is a business and education partnership committed to creating programs that educate residents and young people about the career opportunities available in Elk and Cameron Counties.

​The partnership is aimed at helping students “DISCOVER” what the region has to offer and plans programs that form connections between students, local companies and communities.


Open the door to career resources, events and opportunities to help you on your career path. We’ve provided a guide to career interest surveys and career cluster resources related to our local area.


Open the door to career lesson plans, resources, and student opportunities. Utilize the Virtual Classroom to deliver our Career Connect lessons.


Open the door to resources that can guide you to help your student through their career exploration process, college planning and financial aid procedures.


With the help of our local company and organization partners, we are keeping it local. Check out ways you can help educate and inspire our younger generation!

What Our Students Are Saying

“I was surprised to learn the amount of available jobs for my career choice.”

“It was very useful to learn the costs of schooling for my career.”

“I was surprised to learn that colleges are charging a lot of money when you can go to ones cheaper for same classes.”

“It was useful to learn what jobs are in our area and which ones are in high demand.“

Upcoming Programs

Program Manager:

Amy Goode


The Stackpole Hall Foundation, The Mee Foundation and Workforce Solutions for North Central PA Business Education Partnership Grant from the PA Department of Labor and Industry.