Types of Jobs

Government and public administration workers help pass and enforce the law. You could work in national, state, or local government. You will find almost every type of occupation within the government, including some jobs that are only found within government. Government Investigator (FBI, CIA), Public Works Director, City or Town Manager, Congressional Aide, Legislative Assistant, State Department Official.

For example, you might inspect new or remodeled buildings for safety, help people file the paperwork for a marriage license, or create proposals for urban development.


  • Foreign Service
  • Governance
  • National Security
  • Planning
  • Public Management and Administration
  • Regulation
  • Revenue and Taxation

Local Job Shadow Options

  • Local City or State Police
  • Local Sheriff’s Office
  • District Attorney’s Office
  • North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning & Development Commission
  • Local Representative’s (Matt Gabler)
  • Local Courthouse Offices
  • City of St. Marys Offices
  • Local Boroughs & Township Offices

Elk/Cameron County Locals

View the videos from local folks to learn more about this career

St. Marys City Manager:
Tim Pearson

Ridgway Borough Manager:
Paul McCurdy


Assessing what you like and things you do can lead you to a career field.

Does this sound like you?
  • Participate in mock debates at school
  • Love to learn and speak a foreign language
  • Enjoy writing and giving speeches
  • Run for office in a club or class
  • Participate in student government
  • Volunteer to serve on boards and committees
  • Campaigning for political candidates
Are these your favorite subjects?
  • Business courses
  • Economics
  • Government
  • History
  • Foreign Languages
  • Humanities
  • Sociology
  • Law
  • English
  • Statistics
  • Debate
How do you spend your spare time?

Consider these local opportunities to expand your skills in this field.

  • DECA Club, FBLA Club, Student Council, or Debate Team
  • Join Civil Air Patrol or ROTC
  • Participate in mock trial events.
  • Attend city council or other local government meetings.
  • Visit a local courthouse or public safety building.
  • Job shadow a state legislative representative.
  • Run for student government or an organization’s board.
  • Join and assist with a political campaign.
  • Volunteer on Election Day​
  • Volunteer for your local Fire Department
Challenges, Camps, Workshops & More!

Local Post-Secondary Education / Trainings

  • Administration of Justice (BS)
  • Criminal Justice (AS)
  • Criminal Justice (BA)
  • Economics (BA)
  • History & Political Science (BA)
  • Sociology (BA)
  • Criminal Justice (AS/BS)
  • Economics (BA/BS)
  • History (BA)
  • Library Science (BS)
  • Modern Languages (BS)
  • Paralegal (BA/BS)
  • Philosophy (BA)
  • Political Science (BA)
  • Sociology (BA)
  • List itemaWomen & Gender Studies (BS)