Types of Jobs

Human services workers help individual and families meet their personal needs. You might work in a government office, hospital, nonprofit agency, nursing home, spa, hotel, school, or you might work in your own home.

For example, you might help students with career and education choices at a high school, cut and color hair in a salon, or manage funeral services at a funeral home.


  • Consumer Services
  • Counseling and Mental Health Services
  • Early Childhood Development and Services
  • Family and Community Services
  • Personal Care Services

Local Job Shadow Options

  • Dickinson Center
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Services
  • Elk County Humane Society
  • Big Maple Farms Natural Therapies
  • Community Nurses
  • Hair and Nail Salons
  • Funeral Homes
  • School Counselors and Psychologists
  • Nursing Homes and Personal Care Homes
  • CareerLink or Miller Brother Staffing

Elk/Cameron County Locals

View the videos from local folks to learn more about this career

Program Director
Denise Michalowski
Dickinson Center Inc.

Blended Case Manager:
Beth Zwerin
​Dickinson Center Inc.

Program Director:
Cortney Pahel
Dickinson Center Inc.


Assessing what you like and things you do can lead you to a career field.

Does this sound like you?
  • Listen and help friends with problems
  • Enjoy working with the elderly
  • Volunteering in your community
Are these your favorite subjects?
  • Home Economics
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Foreign Languages
  • English
  • History
  • Health related classes
  • Health Careers Class
How do you spend your spare time?

Consider these local opportunities to expand your skills in this field.

  • Visit people who are homebound.
  • Start a babysitting service.
  • Coordinate a school wide food and/or clothing drive.
  • Volunteer in a hospital or nursing home.
  • Intern at a nonprofit agency.
  • Learn a world language and study foreign cultures.
  • Work as a peer counselor or camp counselor.
Challenges, Camps, Workshops & More!

Local Post-Secondary Education / Trainings

  • Human Development and Family Studies (AS/BS)
  • Social Sciences (AS)
  • International Affairs (BS)
  • Psychology (BS)
  • Social Sciences (BS)
  • Sociology (BS)
  • Psychology & Social Work
    ​*transfer only
  • Modern Languages (BS)
  • Philosophy (BS)
  • Psychology (BA/BS)
  • Sociology (BS)
  • Woman and Gender Studies (BS)
  • Cosmetology/Nails
  • Cosmetology