Types of Jobs

Information technology workers are in a growing and always changing field. You might work with computer hardware, software, multimedia, or network systems. You might design new computer equipment or work on a new computer game.

Some information technology workers support and manage computer hardware. For example, you might make sure the networks are working or manage a network that links people across the world. You might support others and answer questions about specific software or hardware.


  • Information Support and Services
  • Network Systems
  • Programming and Software Development
  • Web and Digital Communication

Local Job Shadow Options

  • PennDot
  • Local Manufacturing Companies
  • Advanced Computer Systems

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Assessing what you like and things you do can lead you to a career field.

Does this sound like you?
  • Play video games
  • Assemble computer parts or repair systems
  • Write software programs
  • Create web pages
  • Analyze data or information
  • Documenting and recording information
  • Learn about or install software programs
Are these your favorite subjects?
  • Advanced Math courses
  • Computer and Technology courses
  • Business courses
  • Web Design
  • Law
  • Government
  • Comp Programming
  • AP Comp Science
How do you spend your spare time?

Consider these local opportunities to expand your skills in this field.

  • Skills USA
  • 4-H Robotics Club
  • Be a member of your school newspaper or yearbook
  • Set up computers and install software.
  • Use multimedia for school projects.
  • Create a web page for a local organization.
  • Set up your own local area network (LAN) for gaming.
  • Volunteer to provide technical support for a nonprofit agency.
  • Create your own web page with a database and interactive elements.
  • Job shadow the technology coordinator at a high school or college.
Challenges, Camps, Workshops & More!

Local Post-Secondary Education / Trainings

  • Information Sciences and Technology (AS/BS)
  • Applied Technology (AS)
  • Computer Information Systems and Technology (BS)
  • Information Systems (AS)
  • Computer Information Science (BS)
  • Computer Network Engineering
  • Computer Technology
  • Digital Media Arts
  • Digital Media Arts
  • Information Technology
  • Metal Engineering Technology