Types of Jobs

Marketing, sales, and service workers help businesses sell products. You might advertise and promote products so customers want to buy them or you might sell products and services to customers.

For example, you might develop a marketing plan for a small start-up company; sell furniture; or measure and fit lenses and frames for eyeglass customers.

Jobs include Sales Agents, Marketing Analysts, Retail Store Manager, Cashiers, Real Estate Agent or Broker, Fashion or Floral Designer, and Public Relations Specialist.


  • Market Research
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Management
  • Merchandising
  • Professional Sales​

Local Job Shadow Options

  • Stifel
  • The Hound 97.5
  • The River 98.9
  • St. Marys Insurance
  • North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning & Development Commission

Elk/Cameron County Locals

View the videos from local folks to learn more about this career

Marketing Manager:
​Jeff Buhite
The River 98.9

VP of Sales, Marketing, & PR
Cathy Lenze
Straub Brewery

Director of Sales/Marketing:
Mike Nedzinski
Clarion Sintered Metals

Customer Service and Product Planner
Ashley Parson
Clarion Sintered Metals


Assessing what you like and things you do can lead you to a career field.

Does this sound like you?
  • Give people advice on products to buy
  • Sell products for fundraisers
  • Looking at houses for sale in your community
  • Designing new clothing items
  • Decorating and rearranging your bedroom
  • Enjoys working with numbers
Are these your favorite subjects?
  • Math
  • Computer Applications
  • Economics
  • Business and Marketing classes
  • Statistics
  • Psychology
  • Art
  • Business Dynamics
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Sports and Entertainment Mktg
  • Business Law
  • Comp Applications for Mgmt
How do you spend your spare time?

Consider these local opportunities to expand your skills in this field.

  • DECA Club or FBLA Club
  • Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts
  • Student government
  • Help with class fundraisers.
  • Join a committee to plan an event.
  • Start a small business.
  • Design promotional materials (brochures, flyers, etc.) for a local business.
  • Sell ads for a school newspaper or yearbook.
  • Work at a concession stand.
  • Work part-time in a retail store.
  • Read newspapers, magazines, and Web sites to stay current on consumer trends.
  • Start a blog to influence others of products and trends.
Challenges, Camps, Workshops & More!

Local Post-Secondary Education / Trainings

  • Business Administration (AS)
  • Business Administration (AS)
  • Broadcast Communications (BA)
  • Business Management (BS)
  • Communications (BA)
  • Hospitality Management (BS)
  • Art (BA)
  • Business Admin (AS)
  • Communication (BS)
  • Management (BS)
  • Marketing (BS)
  • Real Estate (BS)
  • Business Administration (AS)
  • Digital Media Arts