When: August 10, 8:45 am – 2:00 pm

Where: Community Education Center

The approved managers must complete RAMP Owner/Manager training within 180 days of approval if they have not completed it in the past two years. RAMP Owner/Manager Training is offered three ways; 1) virtual (instructor led), 2) online (no instructor), 3) classroom (in-person, instructor led). Follow the attached instructions to register for training in PLCB+ https://plcbplus.pa.gov/pub/Login.aspx

** Please be advised that beginning October 1, 2021, per newly enacted Regulations, the first time an individual enrolls in owner/manager training, he or she shall enroll and attend the owner/manager training in a classroom setting. The individual may take subsequent owner/manager training in a classroom setting or by means of online training, as preferred.
If you require additional assistance, please call 866-275-8237 or email slaffey@pa.gov .

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