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The CEC’s DISCOVER Partnership is seeking your support

The DISCOVER Partnership program has made possible more than 21,000 career development engagements between our local schools and companies. Thank you to businesses like yours who helped deliver these programs. Today, we are asking for your financial support to help us grow this program. Our goal is to raise $50,000 and a donation of $2,500 would help us get there quickly. However, any amount would be greatly appreciated.

All K-12 students and educators have access to our programs. This means career development and awareness is truly a holistic and repetitive experience.

 We have facilitated nearly 2,500 experiences for students through on-site company visits.

 Almost 1,000 mock interviews have been conducted between companies and students.

Guest speakers have made more than 6,300 engagements in the schools.

 More than 1,300 local job shadows have been coordinated.

 We have delivered our 20-hour Career Connect curriculum to more than 1,600 high school students.

Our programs provide value because we add capacity to our local K-12 systems.

 Our wide and diverse community and business partnerships enhance student learning.

 We get students, teachers and administrators out of the school building and into our communities and companies.

 We put employers in the classroom, side by side with the students and teachers.

We are growing by leaps and bounds! Help us create more career development engagements. If your company would like to donate to our program or sponsor a particular event, please complete the online form here. If you would like to participate in our programs, please contact us today at 814-781-3437 or

Thank you for your consideration,

Doug Gaffey, Board Chairperson


The DISCOVER Partnership, spearheaded by the CEC, is a business and education partnership committed to creating programs that educate residents and young people about the career opportunities available in Elk and Cameron Counties.

​The partnership is aimed at helping students “DISCOVER” what the region has to offer and plans programs that form connections between students, local companies and communities.