Steps a Parent Can Do to Help Students Achieve Success

  • Discuss your job with your child. Describe how you made that career decision, what you like or dislike about your job, and what you could have done to improve your career decisions.
  • Review the results of your student’s career assessments that they may have taken at school. Ensure that your teen has explored occupations at school or even at home.
  • Help your child set short and long term goals and have periodic talks with your teen to discuss their career interests.
  • Offer guidance but resist pushing them toward a career you find interesting. Let him/her make the choice.
  • Be positive. Help your student build self-confidence and to see themselves with a successful and satisfying future.
  • Help your child select courses that will help them prepare for the occupation they have chosen and for post-secondary education.
  • Set high expectations for your teen in their classwork and extracurricular activities.
  • Encourage your teen to plan for post-secondary education whether the choice is a career and technical institute, community college, or university. The majority of jobs in the future will require additional training and education past high school.
  • Start a savings plan as early as possible to help pay the cost of post-secondary education.
  • Explore scholarships and financial aid options. Ask the school counselor to share the information about state scholarships and other local financial aid.
  • Keep the lines of communication open with your teen. Career planning is an on-going dialog and discussion.

Annual Events

  • College Fair/Financial Aid Night
  • FAFSA Completion Workshop
  • College Scholarship Workshop

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